Token2 T2F2-Bio

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Thumb Drive
Waterproof rating
Body Style
MS Verified
Plastic unibody with metal housing


Not to be outdone by the Thetis key, the Token2 T2F2-Bio key is a monster in size – measuring lengthwise roughly 2.5″ (63mm) closed and 4″ (101mm) open. Like the Thetis, it has a plastic body in thumb drive style, protected with an aluminum outer body. When you swivel the key open, the fingerprint reader is exposed, and underneath the opaque plastic are two status LED lights. Relative to the size of the key, it feels of proper weight, and the build quality itself seems nice. If you really don’t love yourself it has a loop for a keychain on the end.

While many biometric keys in the past have sported a larger size, if we look at the Feitian BioPass K27 as an example, YubiKey has recently shown us it doesn’t have to be this way – from a rough volume perspective you could fit 10 YubiKey Bio keys in the same space as one T2F2-Bio.

With a black aluminum body and swivel mechanism, the Thetis BLE FIDO2 Security Key stands out from the crowd, not only in form factor, but in size. It’s a plastic body in thumb drive style, which is protected with the aluminum outer body. The top of the key is equipped with a button that is used for presence detection, and that button also has a blue LED light embedded within it. The top of the key has the standard notch necessary to attach it to a keychain.

Available Features And Management

The T2F2-Bio supports FIDO2 as well as FIDO U2F, and with associated Token2 companion software can provide HOTP and TOTP.

FIPS 140 Availability

Token2 does not produce a FIPS 140 variation of this key.

Enrollment And Usage

The key enrolled in Azure AD without issue.

The key worked consistently without issue from an authentication functionality, however, the fingerprint reader does seem a bit more finicky than others; I had a few times that it seemed to not initially want to read my fingerprint.

The key was factory reset without issue.

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