GoTrust Idem Card

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Waterproof rating
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MS Verified
Credit Card (CR80 / ID-1)


The Idem Card, like the Feitian Fingerprint Card, packs a lot of technology into a small footprint. Unlike the Fingerprint Card, the Idem Card swaps out biometrics for an integrated battery. The overall design is both nice in quality and unassuming. Along the right side of the card is a touch sensor for turning on Bluetooth, and there are three integrated LED lights, red and green for charge status, and a blue light for Bluetooth status. GoTrust indicates one charge will take two hours and can handle up to ten authentications a day for up to 60 days, or standby for 120 days.

Along with the card there is a USB-A charging adapter included. The adapter itself has a quality feel to it. The one negative – while the USB cable stores itself in the adapter, it’s so short that depending on the orientation of the USB port, the adapter may be upside-down. This can interfere with the visual of the LED charging light status.

The included charging adapter

Available Features And Management

Along with FIDO2, it supports FIDO U2F and provides smartcard support.

FIPS 140 Availability

The Idem Card is FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Enrollment And Usage

Prior to enrollment through Bluetooth, you need to pair the key to your Windows device. It’s a bonus that the key presents itself with Idem Card in its Bluetooth device name, making it easy to pick out of the list, and the pairing code is printed on the back. Pairing is easy once you’ve read the directions, but unfortunately the QR code on the bottom of the packaging brings you to a 404 page on the GoTrust site, which is where they indicate you can find said directions.

After pairing, a simple tap on the Touch here part of the card turns on Bluetooth. For NFC, you don’t need to provide any touch, and as an NFC card it worked excellent regardless of how it was oriented on the reader.

The key enrolled in Azure AD without issue with both NFC and Bluetooth. Note that the provided adapter is only for power, you can’t use it as a means of key enrollment or usage via USB.

The key worked consistently after enrollment without issue.

The key was factory reset without issue.

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