Feitian MultiPass K32

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The MultiPass K32 is somewhat of a USB-C counterpart to the K16, but in execution the key is disappointing. The weight of the fob feels well in hand, about the same as the K16, and has a similar loop to put it on a keychain or lanyard. The K32 has a USB-C connector on it underneath the bottom cover, which can be used for both charging and authentication. While it has the benefit of not requiring a USB cable, the trade-off is the flimsy USB-C connector cover. The cover has a small elastic band that is supposed to key it attached to the device, however, after 6 uses, the band snapped. While the connector itself isn’t prone to any worse damage than the TrustKey or Yubico counterparts, the fact that it fails to meet its design spec is still a knock on it. The device has three led lights, representing charging, Bluetooth, and authentication.

Available Features And Management

The MultiPass K32 also supports FIDO U2F.

Just like the K16, the device is unclear with the marketing – depending on where you look, it’s hard to determine what methods are available per operating system. While Windows does have Bluetooth support for security keys, Feitian does not support Windows with this device. Oddly, you can still pair this key with Windows, but you’ll receive a device state error from Windows when attempting to use Bluetooth.

FIPS 140 Availability

Feitian does not produce a FIPS 140 variant of this key.

Enrollment And Usage

The key enrolled in Azure AD without issue.

The key worked consistently after enrollment without issue. With the lacking Bluetooth support, it primarily seems designed to be used as an NFC key, but FIDO2 also works with it plugged into a USB port.

The key was factory reset without issue.

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